A Short Consideration on eDiscovery Tool Security

 The accelerating growth of cloud-based legal technology usage is driving increased litigator attention on the determination of what constitutes acceptable and defensible data and application security. This increased focus on security coupled with the increasing sophistication of litigators in the areas of attestations, certifications, and standards suggests that it is a reasonable best practice for litigators to define proactively the level of security-related requirements they will need to remove the specter of security exposure from the litigation lifecycle.

As one of the most visible tasks in the litigation lifecycle, eDiscovery is a critical area where litigators can exercise this best practice by developing an understanding of the differences between on-premise and off-premise (public, private, and hybrid cloud environments) security measures and the risks associated with each approach. From this understanding, litigators can then align risk and capability to select the best eDiscovery tools with the most appropriate security methods for accomplishing required tasks while minimizing eDiscovery-related security exposure.

Published with permission of ComplexDiscovery.

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