Key Problems We Solve

Organizations of all sizes are faced with an ever-increasing flood of electronic data encompassing all aspects of their businesses.  Many of these same organizations still have paper-based files and antiquated behind the firewall software solutions.  Due to cost considerations, internal budgeting hurdles, and a lack of an understanding of their data issues as a whole, organizations typically take a piecemeal and disjointed approach to these data issues. This disjointed approach leads to a number of key problems for organizations in areas including consolidation, collaboration, communication, security, and speed (of deployment). FileControl helps organizations solve elements of these problems in the following ways:


Organizations should achieve significant cost savings by utilizing the FC2 platform to replace:

+ SaaS File Sharing subscriptions paid by their employees (often without the knowledge of their IT department),

+SaaS e-discovery review platforms,

+SaaS data rooms,

+SaaS document management platforms,

as well allowing organizations to forgo purchasing new behind the document management and eDiscovery applications.


The consolidation of data into the unified FC2 platform will allow organization’s employees to collaborate on items like never before with the use of the FC2’s Platform. The FC2 platform itself also allows for collaboration among different organizations.

The FC2 Platform’s data analytic features (including complex Boolean, tag, and field searches) along with saved searches, bookmarks and tagging helps users easily find and share documents.  FC2’s customizable user and group access and permissions limits access to only those users that need access to the data. The FC2 platform allows access from anywhere (with internet access) and provides multi-platform and multi-browser support.


The FC2 platform enables organizations to share documents with the use of the FC2’s customizable user and group access and permissions and internal e-mailing capability.


Data is secure in the FC2 Platform.  Data is not stored on a local device where it’s easily compromised; File sharing occurs within the application. The FC2 Platform has admin and security controls. 

FileControl uses a world-class SSAE-16 Type 11 Audit Certified Data Center to provide, manage and maintain infrastructure for its customers.  Data Center features state-of-the-art Biometrics security and N+1 management of all key power and cooling components,

FileControl’s network features and security includes:

+ Redundant Hardware and High Availability Clusters

+ Daily Backups and Snapshots

+ Anti-virus Software

+ Firewalls and Monitored Intrusion Detection

In addition to the physical security provided at FileControl’s Data Center, the FC2 platform ensures security through encryption, authentication, permissions and auditing features.



The FC2 Platform can be quickly set-up to meet an organization’s data needs.  The FC2 Platform eliminates the need for hardware, system, and client software, and ongoing administration of on-premise systems.

Where We Solve These Problems

Law Firms and Legal Departments

Today’s law firms and legal departments are faced with the challenge of managing multiple electronic discovery functions across multiple data sets in support of multiple matters. This complexity coupled with the multitude of data management and discovery platforms available as well as the many ways that legal professionals chose to access these platforms, is difficult to manage at best, and many times simply unmanageable. FileControl can help law firms and legal departments address the challenges of complexity and access by providing a platform that allows organizations to:

+ digitally organize paper and electric case files for a large multi-office matter,

+ enable secure collaboration from anywhere with an internet connection among the regional law firm trial team or geographically distant legal department teams, its client and opposing counsel; and

+ provide a means to review production from opposing party and well as review and produce their own clients ESI.


Corporations and Consultancies

Today’s corporations and consultancies face the growing challenge of managing increasing volumes of data while maintaining system efficiency, security effectiveness and storage economy for both internal and external information. This data management challenge increases when considered through the lens of regulatory and policy compliance requirements maintained across multiple organizations and departments with complementary yet mutually exclusive information requirements. While there may not be a single information management system or process than can completely address all of these challenges, FileControl helps corporations increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and economy of their current information management approaches by providing a platform that allows for consolidation of key information, controlled access to and sharing of consolidated information, and the capability to conduct searches, to include legal discovery, across consolidated information.

Availability Options 

FileControl software-enabled solutions and services are available to clients as either a packaged or managed service. The differences between a packaged service and managed service include:

Packaged Service: A packaged service is a pre-configured set of services to be accomplished for clients over a specified period of time for a fixed price. 

Managed Service: An offering that allows an organization to outsource the delivery, operations and management of a service over a specified period of time for a fixed price. 

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