Designed with the goal of helping eDiscovery software and service consumers as they seek to understand their needs and opportunities, the following baseline considerations for market segmentation may be useful for eDiscovery-related technology acquisition planning. eDiscovery Market Segmentation Considerations What are the primary target markets for eDiscovery providers? Corporations Law Firms Government What is the major difference between in-house (corporate) and law firm eDiscovery approaches? Attorneys practicing law in-house tend

A Short Consideration on eDiscovery Tool Security  The accelerating growth of cloud-based legal technology usage is driving increased litigator attention on the determination of what constitutes acceptable and defensible data and application security. This increased focus on security coupled with the increasing sophistication of litigators in the areas of attestations, certifications, and standards suggests that it is a reasonable best practice for litigators to define proactively the level of security-related requirements

Comparing and contrasting eDiscovery providers is a daunting task when one considers the multiple stages of eDiscovery, the many providers of eDiscovery offerings, and the fact that most provider comparisons today are based on solely on stage (EDRM¹) or feature/function capabilities. While there are definitions, tools and directories available for comparing provider capabilities at the eDiscovery stage and feature/function level, there does not appear to be a generally accepted or

Author’s Note: Expanding on the original article, Considering Third Generation Discovery? Two Approaches for Evaluating eDiscovery Offerings1, this update comprehends the expansion of design focus, capabilities, and flexibility for eDiscovery technology offerings since 2009. This is part two of a two-part update. Click here for part one. Beyond Design Focus, Integration, and Automation In looking beyond an offering’s general design focus, integration, and automation, it is important to understand specific

With the many products and services available in the marketplace today, the need to be able to uniformly contrast and compare eDiscovery technologies continues to grow. Though more and more vendors are providing tools and techniques tools that can help in considering and comparing their offerings, there continues to be a need for comparison frameworks to help eDiscovery practitioners systematically evaluate the technology in available offerings. Two Approaches for Comparing