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Knowledge and Litigation Management Offering Leadership

FileControl helps business and legal professionals manage information with data room, document management, and electronic discovery solutions enabled by the FileControl Document and Discovery Platform.

The FileControl Document Management and Discovery Platform offers a complete suite of knowledge and litigation management tools designed to help corporations and law firms securely store, search, review, and share business and legal documents from within a secure, web-accessible, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivered hosted information system.

Our Platform: A Proven, Progressive, and Practical Platform

With development roots originating with the 2001 creation of one of the first desktop electronic data management systems, the FileControl Document Management and Discovery Platform (FC2) is a third generation knowledge and litigation management platform that has proven success in multiple industries solving multiple data management challenges.

First Generation Offering: FileControl Knowledge Management Platform (FC Classic)

Released in 2001, FileControl Classic is a first generation platform designed to deliver advanced document management capabilities accessible through a secure Internet connection.

Second Generation Offering: FileControl Knowledge and Litigation Management Platform (FC.Net)

Released in 2009, the FileControl Knowledge and Litigation Management Platform is the second generation platform that extended the breath and depth of the first generation offering by providing eDiscovery analytics and document review capabilities accessible through a web-based browser and secure Internet connection.

Third Generation Offering: FileControl Document Management and Discovery Platform (FC2)

Introduced in 2015 with a planned for expanded production release in 2016, the third generation FileControl Document Management and Discovery Platform incorporates an upgraded user interface and responsive design along with advanced eDiscovery functionality to provide clients with a robust platform that requirements ranging from document sharing to legal review.

Our Leadership

Chris Fernelius, Esq. | Managing Director

An attorney with more than ten (10) years of complex commercial litigation experience, Chris serves as the managing director for FileControl Parters. Chris has extensive experience in solving client challenges based on his role as both a lawyer and vendor in the eDiscovery ecosystem. Having served in firms and companies to include Baker Botts, Shell, and the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Chris is a Certified eDiscovery Specialist (CEDS) and an eDiscovery expert knowledgeable in eDiscovery strategy, technology/tools, processes, workflows, best practices, and review strategies. Learn more about Chris on Linkedin.

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