A faster, smarter approach.

Our solutions help businesses and law firms cut
costs and become more efficient by making it easy to
store, search and share sensitive data.

A full range of knowledge and litigation management solutions.

Our three interrelated yet distinct solutions help business and legal professionals manage data requirements ranging from merger and acquisition support to legal discovery.

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Data Rooms

From mergers and acquisitions to sensitive legal transactions, manage and share sensitive information from the security of a dedicated document repository that provides full-featured support for the storage and sharing of data.

Document Management and File Sharing

Establish complete control of organizational documents with a secure repository configured to support the storage, management, and dissemination of data for particular business requirements for an on-going time frame.

Legal Discovery Platform

Support the collection, analysis, and review of electronically stored information (ESI) for particular matters or groups of related matters with a full featured eDiscovery repository that provides complete legal review capability.

In today’s business and legal environments, Knowledge and Litigation Management are critical to your company’s productivity.

The FileControl Document Management and Discovery Platform (FC2) offers a complete suite of knowledge and litigation management tools designed to help corporations and law firms securely store, search, review, and share business and legal documents from within a secure, web-accessible, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) delivered hosted information system.


    Our Technology

    The FC2 Platform can be set-up quickly to meet an organization’s data needs. The platform eliminates the need for purchasing and managing the hardware, software, and network infrastructure required for on-premise systems.


    Secure & Robust Platform

    Our SaaS-enabled FileControl Data Management and Discovery (FC2) technology securely powers our solutions so we can help you become better and more successful at what you do.


    Highly Customizable with Multi-Platform Support

    The FC2 Platform’s data analytics features (including complex Boolean, tag, and field searches) along with saved searches, bookmarks and tagging help users quickly find and share documents they are working.


    Highly Secure & Encrypted

    Data is secure in the FC2 Platform. Data is not stored on a local device where it’s easily compromised; File sharing occurs within the application. FileControl uses a world-class SSAE-16 Type 11 Audit Certified Data Center to provide, manage and maintain infrastructure for its customers.


    FileControl’s outstanding technical support comes from the realization that client satisfaction and quality of service are paramount to our success. We are committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations by offering exceptional product support, personalized attention, and efficient problem resolution.